The term “hacker” brings us pictures of a lonesome, hooded person working in the shadows, taking our money or personal data. Although this description applies to some types of hackers, it doesn’t apply to all because we have different types of hackers and cyber techniques.

What are the types of hackers?

In the cybersecurity world, we…

Most people won’t immediately imagine a nice, helpful guy when they hear the word “hacker”. They consider hackers to be untrustworthy.

There is always the possibility that hackers will be able to gain access to the database of a vulnerable network, but what is important is that they don’t all…

How to Do them? How to prevent them?

As a cybersecurity researcher (HACKER) it is important to have clear idea about main concepts of security world. Why? Because you can solve a challenge, only if you understand the question.

Data interception

Interception happens when an attacker intercepts data in transit between computers. …

“I'm a baaaaad guy, Duh….”

Consider this question: what does your mind immediately conjure up when I mention hackers? Breaking rules? Stealing personal data? Do you imagine a guy in a black hoodie tapping on the keyboard rapidly while holding a computer with a large number of numbers and letters…

Knowing about Cyber Security can change your life forever. It is not only about the entertaining aspect of ethical hacking, ethical hackers earn millions of dollars every year by participating Bug Bounty programs. I am not exaggerating when i say millions of dollars, you can check it out if you…


Smooth Cybersecurity Nordic’s. novel threat & bug bounty platform. Learn, Earn, and Haunt with us… Here we share about our jounry

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